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Why you shouldn’t just recruit for potential.

I hear a lot about businesses recruiting for potential – that is recruiting for what someone will be able to do in the future (if they are not skilled or experienced now).  Based on the old saying “you can teach knowledge and skills but you can’t teach attitude”. I get it and to a certain…

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Why being honest about underperformance is just the right thing to do.

It still surprises me how many managers are reluctant to talk about under performance with their people. At times in our working lives we may not fully perform and there could be a few reasons for that. Something outside of work may be impacting on us in work. Maybe the role has changed, or we…

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Who is your talent, really?

Where else would we invest £100,000’s even £1m’s each year, and never be completely sure of what interest rate we are getting?  I don’t expect I would ever see a business owner go into a bank with a £1m, hand it over, and not even ask about the rate of return. We spend too much…

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